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I have no availability for new clients at the moment, as of April 2023. If you still wish to apply, you will be placed on my waiting list and be contacted when I have availability.

Single-Session Therapy (a 2-3 hour session) is always delivered face to face - you come to me or, I come to you. My Brief Coaching (1-3 x 30 minute sessions) is offered either face to face or virtually, whichever you prefer.

My fee is affordable, but also reflects the fact that I am a specialist and not a generalist.


Initially, we will speak to discuss what you would like my help with and whether I am the right person to help you. If we work together you will change - positively and most-likely permanently.

For companies, the investment will vary depending upon the length and nature of the coaching programme required, but is usually between three and twelve months in duration.

To schedule an initial conversation with me, please APPLY HERE.

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