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...I can say with complete confidence that these sessions have changed my life.


I didn't really expect such an impact and thought I was in a good place! By working 'holistically' I am much healthier and happier. I have a lot more energy and I can focus much more clearly on my professional leadership work instead of being humble about the influence I have on others I now see it as a call to help people be as effective as possible.


I am shocked that this change happened so quickly to someone who was successful and happy before. I look back at myself a month ago with compassion."                                   

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...the opportunity to focus on areas of strength and those that need development.  In particular, areas for development are not ‘unknown’ but the opportunity to focus on them with an impartial advocate has increased my motivation to change them through supportive dialogue and accountability."





... the honesty of the sessions was special, especially as I looked what I needed to change.


Dr Ioan's sessions have been incredibly beneficial. I have benefited a great deal from the support that has been straight, positive and sincere.


I have been personally challenged in a way I have never been before and that was necessary for me to be able to develop as a whole person with a self-worth which my family can be proud. "

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