Training & Supervision

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I deliver professional development training to staff in the public and private sector to help improve communication, change, transformation of clients, teams and organisational systems. Training areas include:

  • Solution Oriented Techniques

    Perfect for total beginners or those that are advanced in the field, wishing to extend their Solution Focused or Brief Therapy skill base.

  • The 3-Session Change Program

    Perfect for colleagues and teams wanting a consistent, reliable and efficient approach or wishing to extend their Solution Focused knowledge. Uses and extends Brief Therapy skills.

  • Solution Oriented Schools

    For schools that wish their staff will learn new, positive, solution finding language and skills to use in their everyday work and super-effective in promoting positive behaviour. This program, based on Solution Focused thinking and is a national initiative with a number of governments.

  • BriefCoaching®

    For business professionals seeking to learn effective coaching skills and a host of powerful techniques to hold super-focused conversations that help colleagues or clients find their own solutions. Essential tools for all good leaders and managers.

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