Most of the coaches that I know (and I know lots) will work with anyone happy to pay. I am not one of those coaches. 

I only work with people that I believe I can help significantly.  People that are totally committed to making it happen. I respect everyone but know that my unorthodox style is not suited to everyone. Success, high-performance and happiness are important to me, and to all my clients.

I work with people and leaders that may appear to have it all.  But often they don't, and many feel unfulfilled. Many are still hungry to improve something; their thinking, language, behaviour, tactics, strategy - but always their performance and happiness. They know that they have blind-spots and don't always get things right - they want to learn more.


My clients work with me because they never want their confidence to be mistaken for arrogance. They want to keep the dark side of their ego in-check so that they can be successful and humble at the same time. I work hard to connect with humility, generosity, ownership and discipline and work best with "learn it alls", not "know it alls".

What's important to me is that you want something badly, are committed, and that you have the character to be totally honest with yourself. Most of my clients don't look back, even if at first they hold a limited view of what's possible.

DR. IOAN REES © 2020