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**Gwefan Gymraeg yn y ddewislen [EN/CY]**


Through my Coaching and Single-Session Therapy work, I aim to help, shift thinking and bring satisfaction to every client.


I succeed when I see my clients achieve the success that they want, without allowing any obstacle stand in their way. I relish helping people go around, over, under and through anything that prevents them achieving what they really want or need.

Having a PhD in psychology is nice but it's not the most important thing to me. Neither is being a Master NLP practitioner or a Master coach, these are just titles and what I value most is what I believe in;  that everyone can be successful and content in life. It's a choice, and most people choose neither. They'd rather blame circumstance, not take ownership, play the victim and not put in the hard work.

For a very long time I believed that I was a failure for not having liked school, but now know that this is not true and realise that I’m okay to think whatever it is I want. Since school I have learned that through hard work, showing respect, building relationships and never underestimating any person I achieve better results than any textbook can teach. And that's why the letters after my name don't mean that much to me, except for L.T.S.C. (ask).​  

I struggle with small-talk and prefer to say nothing over anything. I expect outstanding in all that I do, and sometimes I'll accept excellent. I practice both radical commitment and extreme ownership and am prepared to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, except those that harm children. Even though I'm not religious per se, I believe in doing the right thing always, speaking the truth and standing-up against injustice and inequality.

I'll look for the promise of transformation in people and the signs that they really want to improve enough. If I can't see either, I'll tell my clients that I can't help them and that I'm not the right psychologist and coach for them. It's not a rule-book approach - but it works for me and for my clients. 


I dislike social-media because of what it does to me and to other people. And for the same reason, I don't drink alcohol and moderate my exposure to the news.

When people ask what experiences have influenced me most as a psychologist and coach, I say all of them. Hating school, failing a lot and learning from great people along the way have all shaped me. They've helped develop my thinking, mindset and happiness, and how I choose to speak with myself every day.


So far, my 'mid-life' has been astonishingly varied and challenging. Completing 6x Ironman, working with NGOs in Africa, writing books and articles, being on radio and TV shows. Today, I choose to focus on helping and coaching select people and companies.

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