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Vice President, Messaging Solutions

Ioan is an incredibly calm, pleasant, great listener and in one word a very 'natural' coach with an obvious gift for this profession. After the first session of working together, his guidance challenged me to think beyond emotions and focus more on finding a pragmatic and tactical way to address some of the challenges at work by capitalizing upon my knowledge and strengths and flanking existing conflict.


He helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. Ioan played a big role at a very critical moment in my career, which I am forever grateful.


Journalist National Media

Without a word of hyperbole, my session was life-changing. I left with an elevated sense of confidence, self-worth and hope for the future, and I can’t wait to build on the things I’ve learned. Don’t let yourself feel completely hopeless before making that change. 


Senior Associate

Ioan is an entrepreneurial professional coach psychologist with client care as the cornerstone of his work. He is a solution focused leader and a pleasure to work with.



I consulted Ioan for coaching to inform a difficult business decision. within a short timeframe. Ioan understood the key issues and was able to offer balanced advice and guidance, whilst working with me to assess potential risks and pitfalls. Having followed Ioan's guidance I have made a significant change and have been able to utilise his ideas in embedding these changes. I highly recommend Ioan and would certainly consult with him again in the future.


Leader In Education

This was a transformational, emotional, reeality-check. The honesty of the sessions was special, especially as I looked what I needed to change.


Ioan's sessions have been incredibly beneficial - straight, positive and sincere. The model is relatively simple, but the effectiveness was obvious. 


I have been personally challenged in a way I have never been before and that was necessary for me to be able to develop as a whole person with self-worth which my family can be proud. "



Ioan provided our company a framework and set of tools to engage all our staff in building and innovating systems and processes that will allow us to continue growing while ensuring a high-performance culture.

I would wholeheartedly recommend  Ioan to anyone who is serious about company culture, productivity and performance.


Senior Customer Success Manager

Ioan's knowledge, guidelines and experience taught me a lot about the mindset and the attitude I should have in every situation, how to deal with difficult people and mostly how to stay positive and above all negativity.


I am thankful for having the opportunity to meet him, to work with him, get coaching from him. His calmness, energy and positiveness taught me a lot, both personally and in career. Tnx Ioan! 




Financial Analyst

Ioan's communication and dedication is something that, for sure, has had a positive impact on me.


Director of Technology Operations

Ioan shaped with us a clearly defined mission, vision and core values framework for the Executive Team. Together, with Ioan, he also helped us align and propagate clear values within the department.


Solutions Architect Associate

Ioan encouraged me to think that every individual can have a positive influence on the whole company's culture, to take action, and to firstly start with ourselves and our team.


QA Automation Engineer

Ioan has given us guidelines on how to improve our relationships inside the company.



Ioan is a highly seasoned clinician, trainer, and thought leader in the fields of brief and systemic therapy.


Director of People

Ioan's mission was to help our leaders communicate more effectively and to improve our corporate culture into one of effective and innovative thinking. Ioan is an independent advisor who can provide frank and neutral advice that may be difficult to find inside your own workplace.


Ioan helped us with our own development as a team and how we work and communicate together and he has helped me personally grow my leadership capability, credibility and results. Working with Ioan I learned how to gain informal authority and how to handle challenging situations. Working together, I recognize where I could improve myself. Thank you Ioan for this great experience!


Consultant Psychologist

Ioan is an outstanding psychologist and coach. He worked with a sophisticated and demanding group of professionals who unanimously gave him the highest feedback. As a coach and trainer he was skilled, sensitive and confident. I have recommended him to colleagues without hesitation.


Leader In Education

Inspirational, Outstanding, Essential...I can say with complete confidence that these sessions have changed my life. I didn't really expect such an impact and thought I was in a good place! By working 'holistically' I am much healthier and happier. I have a lot more energy and I can focus much more clearly on my professional leadership work instead of being humble about the influence I have on others I now see it as a call to help people be as effective as possible. 


I am shocked that this change happened so quickly to someone who was successful and happy before. I look back at myself a month ago with compassion. A fantastic experience and I very much hope to have an opportunity to receive more of this coaching in the very near future. 


Chief  Operating Officer

I wish we could have more coaching time with Ioan.


Principal Knowledge Engineering

It's great to work with someone like Ioan. His dedication inspired us and positively impacted on our culture and wider company. 




Lead Software Engineer

Ioan made me think a lot about how I should communicate and inspire.


Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Ioan was able to be honest and open with everyone despite their reputation or position in the company. I believe that this is a great.


Lead Software Designer

In just three months and limited time I learn a lot from Ioan.


I learned how to do proper research, about the problem and how to develop a solution, and I learned how to create project documentation.  I will use that knowledge for the rest of my life. I also learned how to properly present a project or idea.


I really hope that he will come back to work with us and that I will get the opportunity to learn even more.


IT Administrator & Team Lead

Ioan helped me change my view of how things can be done in the company. I would emphasize two things here:  Ioan's neutral status and his expertise.   As a "neutral" coach, I think Ioan brought fresh air and made me think outside boundaries that I have established about how things are done in the company.


He encouraged broader thinking, and creating new solutions that make the company a better place to work at, starting from scratch if needed, and looking at current obstacles from different points of view.  


Second important thing is in his expertise in this field. His knowledge and focus solely on this work made everything more efficient. His experience could help in predicting mistakes that we can fall into and how to avoid them, his persistence helped establish the best practices and stick to them. He was very professional, patient, open for feedback and encouraging. It would be great to have him back.


Technical Account Engineer

Ioan has taught me/us that everything is possible.

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